Como Lake: Mountain Itineraries


Lake Como offers a enormous variety of hiking possibilities, from easy walks for families to the more difficult ones for skilled hikers.The itineraries we present allow you to discover the old connection paths which run along the lake, or the woody hills with their rural settlements, or to the more scenic heights of the mountains along Lake Como. Each itinerary has its own character with historical, artistic and natural features to explore.
If you wish to be guided by a professional mountain guide you can consult the listing here below or refer to the mountain associations CAI, Casa delle Guide (House of Guides) and Guide Alpine del Lario e delle Grigne  (Alpine guide of Lake Como and of the Grigne mountain group). Hiking Como Lake offers a monthly program of guided excursions with an English speaking guide.
The numerous refuges on the mountains are located in strategic points offering facilities and refreshment to travellers who are passing by, or for those reaching their final destination.
There are also major mountain routes for mountain hut-to-mountain hut hikes such as the Via dei Monti Lariani (a six day hike from Cernobbio to Sorico), the Sentiero delle 4 Valli (a three day hike from Breglia to Dasio Valsolda), and the Dorsale del Triangolo Lariano (a two day hike from Como to Bellagio).
Under the item itineraries you will find a large selection of walks also ideal for families.

At Il Montesino bed and breakfast, you can find the tourist-information about all these mountain itinerary of the Como lake area, as well as advice from our experienced mountain’s staff.

VIA DELLE COLME: from Brunate to Palanzone Mountain

Events commence at S. Maurizio the highest part of the village of Brunate. You can drive to this point, walk there or take the cable-car (check out the itinerary “Brunate by cablecar”).
Cross the mule-track and continue ahead for "colme" passing the 'Baita Carla', the 'Baita Bondella', the 'Baita Bolletto' (1236 m.), the 'Monte Bollettone' (1204 m.) and finally arriving at the Monte Palanzone (1436 m.) above Faggeto Lario. The trek is nearly 4 hours from Brunate with the most unforgettable sights and views of the city and lake. From Monte Palanzone you can head down-hill to Molina, a fraction of the town Faggeto Lario and return to Como by bus.   The walk is not challenging and is suitable for all types of people. This same trek could be done on a mountain bike, remembering that the descent to Molina is fast and steep.

SENTIERO DEL VIANDANTE:walking along the eastern shore of Como lake

We suggest discovering the natural and artistic beauties of the little cities that dot the coast from Lecco towards the North to walk on foot along the “Sentiero del Viandante”. This is an ancient passageway from the Milan area going up towards Switzerland, running along the lake, proof of the role of the Lake Como region in commercial traffic. This path goes up to Abbadia Lariana, along the coast and in and out of villages, running through the history up to Colico, and penetrating all the way up at the foot of Valtellina. This pathway is 45 km in length and therefore has to be walked in several stages. Depending on your fitness level the pathway can be divided into 3 or 4 stages. Thanks to the frequent intersections between the pathway and the Lecco-Colico railway line, it is possible to do one stage at a time and return to the starting point by train. The modest altitudes and the excellent accessibility of the pathway make the itinerary possible in every season. The ancient origins of the pathway could date back to the Roman ages, with the existence of this route being used for local traffic and also as an alternative route to reach Valsassina, connecting Milan to Valtellina and then on to Swiss roads. It is documented since the fourteenth century, in the municipal charters of the parishes of Bellano, Dervio and Lecco.


A wonderful walk that we recommend to our guests  is the Menaggio Refuge. The hut, a terrace on Lake Como, on the slopes of mount Grona on a grassy decline, with view breathtaking on the Como Lake.

GROUP OF GRIGNE: excursions and trekking around the Como lake

Located on the Lecco branch of Lake Como, a few miles from the Montesino bed and breakfast, the Grigne Mountain Range offers breathtaking views of the lake and a wide selection of excursions and trekking and climbing equipped routes.

The Grigne Range are calcareous, dolomite rocks, which rise at the eastern end of the Orobie Alps. The main range is made up of three smaller ranges: Coltignone – San Martino (1474 m) which overshadows Lecco, the northern Grigna (or Grignone 2409m) and the southern Grigna (also called Grignetta 2177 m) with a more spectacular outline and with originally named spires such as il Sigaro (the Cigar), la Mongolfiera (the Balloon), il Fungo (the Mushroom) la Lancia (the Spear); 2177). The unmistakable landscape belonging to the southeastern slope of the Grignetta is outlined with ridges and gullies and then rises to pinnacles and towers, creating the impression of a continual vertical. The Grigne also have an excellent natural heritage with a significant number of plants and animal species, especially invertebrates, and unique fossils such as the “Lariosauro”, an incredible marine reptile found in the black limestone of Varenna and Perledo.


The Resegone is the most famous mountain in the Lecco region with its highest peak - called Cermenati - standing at 1.875 m in height. Celebrated by both Manzoni in his novel “The Betrothed” and by Carducci in “Canzone di Legnano” (Song of Legnano), its name refers to its legendary nine peaks which resemble a saw or “resega” in the dialect spoken in Lecco.
The mountain is highly visible and easily recognisable from afar because of its profile and can be admired from beyond Milan and Como on clear days. Trekkers have a choice of planning and setting out on their excursions from one of its three sides: Lecco, Morterone
and Erve. All three sides are equally beautiful, and all offer a wide variety of unique routes, ranging from simple beginner-level tracks to more difficult paths and via ferratas. Experts can also enjoy numerous cliffs equipped for mountain climbing.
The view from the peak of Mount Resegone is both exceptional and truly inimitable, spanning from the Grigne and Lariane Alps to the North - with the Val Masino mountains and its famous Badile Peak and Mount Disgrazia beyond them - to the Brianza lakes
to the West, the Mount Bianco, the Mount Rosa, the Cervino, the outline of the Piedmont Alps and the Monviso before extending towards the South, the plains and the Apennines and all the way East to the Alpine foothills of Bergamo.

LEGNONE MOUNTAIN: the peak overlooking the high Como Lake

Its strategic location and panoramic lake to do at the end of the watershed between the valleys of Valtellina and Lecco.

With its 2.609 metres, Monte Legnone is the highest peak of the Orobie Lecchesi and you can easily recognize it by its pyramid-like shape. It is situated at the end of Lake Como dividing the waters between Valtellina, Valvarrone and Valsassina. Apparently severe in its ending part, it is one of the most visited peaks in the area of Lecco, particularly along the track starting from Roccoli Lorla, offering a spectacular view on the Central and Occidental Alpine Chain and on the Pre-Alps of Lecco. From its peak there are different crests going down to the neighbouring valleys and towards the lake; on the east side it is easy to recognize the military paths of the Cadorna Line dating back to the WWI connecting Pagnona (Valvarrone) and Delebio (Valtellina). The Legnone slopes are the natural environment of different types of Alpine fauna, being easy to find, from the roe deer to the rock-goat, the chamois to the hare or the eagle going in circles in the air. Legnoncino, a secondary peak overlooking west, offers easy tracks and the opportunity to visit trenches from WWI, perfectly preserved.

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